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Join Sam Green and Paul Miller as they recap the material and product innovations that occurred this year. Learn about multiple newly released metal alloys, revolutionary plastic materials, and production-focused machines that kick your manufacturing into high gear.

Discover the process innovations advancing industries such as Transportation, Sand Casting, Energy, and Aerospace & Defense just to name a few!

Our experts will discuss, amongst others, the following topics:

•       Additive Manufacturing – Recapping the Needs of True Production

•       High Speed, Large Format Production Capable SLA

•       Efficient Batch Run Production for Smaller Parts

•       Thermoplastics Part Repeatability & Full Workflow Integration

•       A New Generation of Copper Alloys

•       A Repeatable Process for Large Stators & Casings in HX

About Our Experts

Sam Green   Paul Miller


Sam Green

Principal, Product Marketing at 3D Systems

For 15 years Sam has been involved in many of the most exciting innovations in additive manufacturing, whether its planning some of the earliest breakthrough’s in inkjet printing to developing and promoting technologies, systems and materials to emerging markets that have since impacted the well being of millions of people. With his specialty in marketing, product and business development, he has had the privilege to be part of the core teams leading this remarkable innovation.


Paul Miller

Materials Product Marketing Manager at 3D Systems at 3D Systems

Since joining 3D Systems, Paul has been responsible for launching and marketing new production plastics material offerings for SLA, SLS, and Figure 4 platforms. Paul has over 15 years of product and marketing with experiences in roles ranging from B2B sales and training management to oversight of global marketing efforts and large-scale product launches in multi-billion-dollar business segments. Paul is excited to share what's new in AM materials and for what is still yet to come.