For use with any of 3D Systems’ SLA resins for creating larger parts and for patching during post-processing

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  • Applications

    • Patch drain holes in QuickCast patterns for investment casting
    • Fix surface imperfections, like surface chips, in your SLA parts
    • Use compatible material to fix an SLA part damage, like a chipped corner
    • Join part together
  • Benefits

    • Easy to use 5 cc hand held syringe material dispensing
    • Sold per syringe, only buy what you need
    • Buy your printing and post-processing materials from the same reliable source
  • Features

    • Antimony free
    • Fast setup times
    • Clear
    • High viscosity

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Technical Specifications

Viscosity 38,300 500 cps
Liquid Density 1.066 1.100 g/cm3
Color* Clear Clear  
Cure Speed 7 7 sec
Fuma Silica(TGA) Not Detected Not Detected %
Ash Content(TGA) <0.01% <0.010% %
ICP (Antimony Content) <0.1 <0.1 ppm

*Our data was achieved by using a 300-450 nM broad band UV spot light source with peak irradiances at 320, 360, and 405 nM and a power density of 15W/cm2 at a distance of 6-12 mm.

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