Maintain High Performance with Durable Corrosion Resistant 3D-Printed Components

Solving Metal Energy and Fluid Management Challenges

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  • Stability in Harsh Environments

    Parts are often packaged in challenging environments with high temperatures, temperature cycling, chemical exposure, and high energy vibrations. Part failure can lead to catastrophic issues with remaining on and returning to the track. Metal 3D printing provides solutions with parts that can remain stable in harsh conditions.
  • Alpine F1 hydraulic accumulator
  • Constrained Packaging Space

    Parts must often fit and function in tight spaces. Metal additive manufacturing can easily produce complex metal 3D-printed parts to work within these constraints and maintain high performance. Moreover, designing curves, angles, and channels is simple and provides the design freedom for unique part creation.
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  • Durability Over Time

    Parts in racing vehicles must remain not only stable in extreme temperatures but also free of corrosion and degradation. Parts that break down over time can impact performance significantly. Metal additive manufacturing utilizes a wide range of materials to overcome such challenges and meet these needs.
  • Manufacturing Complex Parts

    Parts handling fluids or managing energy are often intricately designed, with curves, turns, and narrowing tubes. These complicated shapes can be difficult to manufacture accurately using traditional means. Metal 3D printing can produce complex parts as efficiently as simple ones, offering various solutions in part design.
  • dmp laserform 316L-B lamellar heat exchanger cut CAD

Alpine F1 Team Advances On-Car Innovation with Titanium Printed Hydraulic Accumulator

3D Systems’ titanium printing and proprietary cleaning process help Alpine F1 Team pack more performance into limited spaces to advance energy and fluid management.

More Motorsports Applications

  • eBook - Optimize Fluid Dynamics

    Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)  enables unprecedented improvements in fluid dynamic applications, improving fuel and cooling systems, optimizing space utilization, and reducing part weight.
  • ProX DMP 320 cooling mantle

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