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Using additive manufacturing for prototyping is well understood.  But, what about end-use-capable production parts that endure?  Are the materials available really capable of withstanding long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and chemicals, heat and 'cold' and, at the same time, compressive, tensile, shear and impact loads?  Does the fact your part will be printed and not injection molded matter to material selection and, consequently, application success?

This webinar moves quickly to the intersection of material properties and end-use performance requirements. Here, at this intersection, you'll gain two new skills.  First, you'll learn how to narrow the field of material properties to those that matter for your application.  Second, you'll learn how to account for the difference between injection molding and additive manufacturing component production processes.  These skills will help you move confidently in your material selection process and allow you to better leverage additive manufacturing's advantages over injection molding.

3D Systems has been formulating, manufacturing, and optimizing 3D printing materials since the 1980's. Join 3D Systems' materials expert Aaron Wood for this web event.

Key topics include:

  • How to choose which material properties matter for your production application
  • Why one shouldn't use injection molding material selection practices for AM production applications
  • Where to get help and information on material selection
  • New industry-leading end-use capable production materials

Fill out the form to watch this expert presentation and discover how to navigate the sea of material choices for production. 

Meet the Expert:

Aaron Wood

Aaron Wood, Director, Material Sales, Americas