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Today’s product development landscape is characterized by high demand for variety, increasing customer expectations and near constant innovation, all whilst product lifetimes are shrinking. The result is driving greater competition among manufacturers with the pressure to do more, better and faster.

To stay competitive in an environment that is perpetually shrinking time to market, manufacturers need to meet and break new release schedules in their product development cycles.

Rapid prototyping offers that opportunity!

Hear about the real-world use cases that 3D printed prototypes are enabling innovations in and experience how two 3D Systems customers have enabled themselves to innovate with 3D printed prototypes.

Register now for our webinarAccelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs with Span TechRapid Prototyping and Design Verification’ and achieve:

  • A Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • More parts faster, with an effective file-to-finished-part process
  • High-fidelity parts you can rely on
  • Exceptional sharp edges and fine features definition
  • Greater geometric freedom with effective support removal
  • Choice of plastic and elastomeric materials engineered for performance
  • MultiJet modeling designed for your work environment
  • How real word customers have overcome their own prototyping challenges
    • Bushnell verifies high detail optics design
    • Span Tech develops innovative conveyor system

Expert Presenter: Sam GreenSame Green

Category Manager, Professional Printing, 3D Systems Corporation

3D printing marketing strategist and Additive Manufacturing technology evangelist with over 10 years in the Additive industry including two of the largest global system and material vendors, with experience covering an extensive range of 3D printing technologies.