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The cost-effective integration of metal additive manufacturing (AM) is about more than the metal printing system you choose, and upwards of 70% of part cost is impacted by the efficiency of the complete production workflow. Application experts from 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions will share the results of our close collaboration to give examples of workflows that minimize cost per part while maximizing quality.

Join our webinar to learn first-hand from our application specialists, and find out:

  • That a metal 3D printer is not an isolated technology and needs to be brought into a workflow;
  • How individual workflow steps like part design, part preparation, inspection, machining and cutting can be brought into an efficient workflow;
  • The importance of the design stage in defining final cost per part.

Join this expert presentation and discover how to integrate metal AM with traditional methods to transform and optimize your manufacturing approach.

Meet the Experts

Mark Cook, VP of Metal Products, 3D Systems

Mark Cook

Mark has a passion for launching new products into the marketplace through innovation and performance excellence. He started his career over 30 years ago as a design engineer at USCI developing coronary catheters and guide wires. Over the course of the next 20 years he developed new products for Aerospace, Consumer, Industrial and Medical markets. In 2005 Mark began a career at Z Corporation developing full color 3D printers used for rapid concept modeling. In 2012 Z Corporation was acquired by 3D Systems where Mark moved from technical management roles to business and product management roles in four key additive technologies, Color-Jet, Multi-Jet, Selective Laser Sintering, and Direct Metal Printing. Mark earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University.


Romain Dubreuil, AM Product Line Manager, GF Machining Solutions

Romain Debreuil

Romain has worked with GF Machining Solutions for 4 years, first as an Additive manufacturing engineer. He then led a team of additive application engineers including responsibilities for business development. Prior to GF Machining Solutions, he was a Production Engineering Manager for Injection Molding where he also led production teams in product development.