No design is too small or too big for our line of MultiJet printers. With piezoelectric printhead technology, layered photocurable plastic resin and 100% wax casting materials, MultiJet Printing (MJP) produces 3D parts and molds with a strict attention to detail. It’s what sets MJP apart from PolyJet printers.

3D Systems part printed via the MJP process with support structure on printed part.
3D Systems plastic part printed via MJP machines.

Why the MJP series stands out:

  • High throughput
  • Easy to use
  • Competitive TCO
  • Hands-free removable support material
  • Prints multi-material 3D rigid plastic or elastomeric parts
  • Reduce process time with digital drop-in lost-wax casting printers
  • Selectable combination for resolution and print speed options
  • Z-direction resolution with layer thickness as low as 13 microns
  • Delivers superior finishes and durability for end-use applications
  • Direct-investment casting applications for a variety of industries
  • Increased efficiency with the new 3D Sprint™ software capabilities

Want more? From size to print volume, see how our line of MJP printers were built to deliver quality 3D printed parts.