Technical Specifications for the FabPro 1000 Entry-Level Industrial 3D Printer

This entry-level 3D printer packs industrial durability and reliability into a rugged yet compact platform, delivering professional quality day in and day out. And it’s simple to use—from material loading and file configuration to post-processing.

  • Build Volume (xyz)*

    125 x 70 x 120 mm
    (4.92 x 2.76 x 4.72 in)

  • Pixel Pitch

    0.0025 in (65 micron)
    391 effective DPI

  • Wavelength

    405 nm

  • Build Materials

    FabPro Tough BLK
    FabPro Proto GRY
    FabPro JewelCast GRN
    FabPro Elastic BLK
    NextDent SG (Surgical Guide)
    NextDent Ortho Rigid
    NextDent Model 2.0 Peach
    Model 2.0 White

    NextDent Model 1.0 Oker

  • Layer Thickness

    0.050 mm (0.002 in)
    0.050 mm (0.002 in)
    0.030 mm (0.001 in)
    0.100 mm (0.004 in)

  • Vertical Build Speed

    14 mm/hr (0.55 in/hr)
    21 mm/hr (0.83 in/hr)
    5.3 mm/hr (0.21 in/hr)
    14 mm/hr (0.55 in/hr)
    Up to 23.5 (.93 in/hr)
    Up to 20 mm/hr at 100 microns
    Up to 11 mm/hr at 50 microns
    Up to 9 mm/hr at 50 microns
    Up to 11 mm/hr (.43 in/hr)

  • Electrical Input

    100-240c, AC
    50/60 Hz

    Electrical Output

    24V DC, 3.75 A
    With power supply

  • Operating Temperature

    18 - 28 °C
    (64 - 82 °F)

    Operating Humidity (RH)

    30 - 70%

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)

    With packaging

    62 x 62 x 101 cm
    (24.5 x 24.5 x 39.75 in)

    Without packaging

    43 x 43 x 61.2 cm
    (16.9 x 16.9 x 24.1 in)

  • Weight

    With packaging

    55 kg (121 lbs)

    Without packaging

    83 lbs (37.5 kg)

  • Post-Processing

    Includes part finishing kit and accessories; requires optional 3D Systems LC-3DPrint Box UV light-based Post-Curing unit or other UV-Curing unit

  • Certification

    FCC, CE, EMC

*Maximum part size is dependent on geometry among other factors.

Technical Specifcation for 3D Sprint Client Software

Included with the system is 3D Sprint Client Software with an online license activated using an activation code. You must be connected to the internet to check the license in and out. Multiple users can check it in and out, but only one at a time. You can use the license offline for up to 30 days, but at the end of that period it will prompt you to connect to the internet and launch the software so it can perform a license update.

You may also purchase a 3D Sprint upgrade to an offline dongle, an encrypted USB hardware key that can be plugged in to the computer being licensed. If you want to use the software on a different machine, the physical USB dongle moves to the new computer. This license type can be used offline permanently and updates have to be manually pushed to the dongle which does require an internet connection for that specific process.

  • Client Operating System

    Windows® 7, Windows 8 or
    Windows 8.1 (Service Pack),
    Windows 10 (64-bit OS supported)

  • Input Data File Formats Supported

    ZBD, AMF, WRL, 3DS, FBX,

  • Connectivity

    Network ready with 10/100/1000 BaseT
    Ethernet interface USB (direct printing)
    USB (direct printing)

Included Accessories and Part Finishing Kit

The following items are included with the purchase of a FabPro 1000 printer, and can also be ordered separately as replacement items:

Print Platform (x2): The 3D printed part adheres to the print platform during building

Storage Tray for Print Tray: Used to cover a print tray that contains resin, so as to protect it from UV light exposure

Print Tray: Contains the print material during part building (has a transparent membrane at the bottom that allows UV radiation to shine through and cure the print material)

Catch Tray: Prevents resin spills from entering the lower build chamber (comes installed in the printer)

Glass Print Base: Transparent plate that sits under the print tray that serves as an optical window to preserve print quality and reliability.

Rinse Tanks and Lids (x2 each): Containers used for cleaning build parts of uncured resin

FabPro Proto GRY Resin (1 kg) bottle: Photo-curable material

Ethernet Cable

Power Brick/Power Cord

Finishing Kit (Platform scraper, Film (3), Tweezers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Rinse Bottle, Nitrile Gloves (50 pairs, Large), Resin Mixer, Part-Cleaning Brush, Paper Towels (x100)

Technical Specifications for Accessories

  • LC-3DPrint Box Dimensions (WxDxH)


    54.5 x 57.5 x 59.5 cm
    (21.5x 22.6 x 23.4 in)


    41 x 44 x 38 cm
    (16.1 x 17.3 x 15 in)

  • LC-3DPrint Box Weight

    22 kg (49 lbs)

  • LC-3DPrint Box Power Configuration

    110V - 230 VAC, 2.6-1.3A, 50-60Hz

Technical Specifications

pdf icon FabPro 1000 Materials Technical Specifications (English A4)
pdf icon FabPro 1000 Materials Technical Specifications (English)