3D Systems 3D printing at Staples NYCWalk down New York City’s 5th Ave in Manhattan and you might spot some interesting new displays in the windows of Staples. In addition to the 2D print/copy services that are a staple of Staples, so to speak, new 3D printing services are now being offered in two of the company’s flagship Manhattan and LA stores.

In a retail space filled with 3D printers and prints from 3D Systems, the space allows shoppers to recreate themselves with the 3DMe photo booth, to create custom cell phone cases, and also bring in data to be printed as a service.

This is part of an effort to bring 3D printing to a wider audience, and serve customers with new technologies.

“3D printing offers enormous potential for small businesses, and by using Staples, they can print with the technology without having to invest in it,” said Damien Leigh, Senior Vice President of Business Services for Staples, Inc. “The test with 3D Systems will help us learn about our customers’ needs for a local 3D printing service, and how Staples can help them make more happen for their business through 3D printing.”

View the Staples & 3D Systems video below:

CubeX 3d printer at Staples