3D Print Highly Accurate Casting Patterns of any Complexity and Size. Low Weight of Patterns Prevents Distortion and Eases the Workflow.
reduction in time
cost reduction vs one off tooling

Accelerate the Production of Accurate Master Patterns

Solving Performance Cast Metal Components Challenges

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  • Turnaround Time

    Casts, especially for complex parts, can be expensive and require weeks to produce. Utilizing additive manufacturing reduces the time needed to produce patterns to hours, allowing designs to be tested and iterated quickly, thus significantly shortening the process for achieving a finished solution.
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  • Enhance Performance

    The extreme conditions of the track require enhanced strength and integrity. Our additive manufacturing solutions allow you to produce parts durable enough to withstand on-track forces so that you can optimize their aerodynamics and air flow.
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  • Accuracy

    Casts produced through conventional means often struggle to produce parts with complex designs or intricate patterns, such as honeycombs or baffles. With 3D printing, quick casting solutions can be simple or complex since additive manufacturing easily produces geometries with different intricacy levels.
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  • Manufacturing Ease and Workflow

    Waiting for cast metal parts to be produced and delivered can disrupt the production workflow and waste valuable time in the process. With additive manufacturing, quick-cast patterns relieve that bottleneck and keep the workflow moving smoothly, without interruptions.

More Motorsports Applications

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    Whitepaper - 3D Printing Solutions for Investment Casting

    Find out where the strengths of the different technologies are and how to implement 3D printed patterns for accelerating cast component production.
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    Summary- QuickCast Diamond - New Internal Smart Support Structures

    Get an overview of how the 3D Systems master pattern solution with QuickCast Diamond build style produces master patterns that are up to 30% lighter and have even more consistent strength than previous QuickCast build styles. For even lighter patterns and improved economics.

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