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By Adrienne Slevin, Dental Application Engineer

LMT LAB DAY Chicago is the Dental Lab industry’s most comprehensive, most and highly attended trade show in North America drawing attendance globally. For this 37th edition, there were 3,400 people registered. This year, 3D Systems presented the full dental portfolio at the exhibition, showcasing the NextDent 5100, ProJet MJP 2500, ProX800 and the new DMP Flex 200. 3D Systems was proud to present a wide array of industry experts including expert dental technicians and lab owners, doctors, and best-in-class software partners. 

During the show, we announced our partnership with Saremco Dental AG launching CROWNTEC, a premium composite resin for the manufacturing of permanent restorations, inlays, onlays, veneers and artificial teeth. 

We were excited to have the VP & GM of Dental, Stef Vanneste and Applications and Business Development Director of Dental, Stijn Hanssen join us for our big announcements, including an overview of our software integrations and partnership with Oqton and outline of how the Oqton AI workflow saves nearly 75% of labor.

Take an inside look at what the team had to share from the 3D Systems and NextDent by 3D Systems booth.

  • The 3D Systems and NextDent by 3D Systems booth during Labday

    The 3D Systems and NextDent by 3D Systems booth during LABDAY.

  • Dental Application Engineer, Adrienne Slevin and Direct Sales Manager, Jim Dier showcasing the NextDent 5100 dental printer

    Dental Application Engineer, Adrienne Slevin and Direct Sales Manager, Jim Dier showcasing the NextDent 5100 dental printer.

  • Our new DMP Flex 200 quickly produces accurate, detailed, high-quality parts. The improved operation and engineering make it easy for dental labs to produce RPD frameworks, crown and bridge substructures, and full contour, as well as implant bars and abutments.

  • Dental Materials

    Several materials and solutions were featured during the event including 3D materials that can be printed on the NextDent 5100 covering all indications for the dental industry.

In my seminar, I covered how digital dentistry helps deliver better, faster, and more predictable treatments at disruptively lower costs through the combination of NextDent 3D printers and materials. I also covered the pros and cons of 3D printing, showcasing how to avoid common misconceptions when choosing and operating a 3D printer. I concluded my presentation with an overview of the MJP 2500 which eliminates support scarring and the need to use IPA and post-curing steps. 

Exocad’s Founder and CEO Tillmann Steinbrecher and president of Exocad America Larry Badony shared a sneak peek of the upcoming function, Quick Snap, and how it fits perfectly with NextDent resin printing and DMP Flex 200 metal printing. The solution is a new workflow that removes over 50 steps in the traditional RPD workflow allowing labs to print all the parts of an RPD. It was quite an exciting workflow and a fascinating presentation!

Also featured during LAB DAY:

  • Exocad Seminar LABDAY 2022

    Exocad’s Preseident Larry Badony and CEO Tillmann Steinbrecher.

  • 3D Systems Seminar - Stef & Stijn

    3D Systems VP Dental, Stef Vanneste, and Applications and Business Development Director of Dental, Stijn Hanssen.

  • 3Shape - 3D Systems LABDAY

    3Shape’s Rune Fisker.

  • Dr. Spagnoli & Tyler Britt - LABDAY 2022

    Dr. Daniel Spagnoli and Dental Technician Tyler Britt.

  • Dr. Hartman - LABDAY 2022

    Dr. Hartman and Lab Technician Brett Ginter.

  • SyNrg Lab - LABDAY 2022

    SyNrg Lab and Dr. Currie with all on x digital dentistry, our highest attended session of the event.

  • Ocean Ceramics - LABDAY 2022

    James Neuber from Ocean Ceramics discusses how to determine the accuracy of 3D printed models and if it is worth it to go digital.

  • Full Contour - LABDAY 2022

    Rob Laizure, founder and CEO of Full Contour discusses AI-driven design with 3Shape Automate and how it can funnel directly into the NextDent 5100 producing bite splints and crowns.

  • Cad Blu - LABDAY 2022

    The Team from Cad Blu featuring the NextDent 5100.

  • Imagine USA - LABDAY 2022

    Imagine USA hosted a “Club Imagine” gathering – a fun way to view all of their digital offerings in action allowing attendees to meet the team.

We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the attendees, exhibitors, panelists, partners, and customers who were able to attend this year’s event. Not able to attend? We invite you to contact our team for more information or meet with us at one of our upcoming events.